Frequently Asked Questions


We are not a direct lender and we are also not a real estate agent.
We connect you with the specialists that can help you make your dreams of homeownership come true.
You do not need to be wealthy or have the highest credit score.
You work hard, so why not own your own home.
Find out how to get started now!
Yes. Having challenges maintaining good credit in the past does not put you in a box that you cannot get a loan and own a home. Even if you need to work with a credit repair specialist to clear erroneous lines on your credit report, it is worth it to take the first step.

FHA guidelines state that the minimum credit score required for an FHA loan is as low as 580. The banks and lenders set their own requirements as far as the lowest score that they will accept.

The best rates traditionally are based on higher credit scores. You can work on improving your credit standing in order to qualify for better rates and larger loan amounts with down payment assistance.

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you are prepared to take on the challenges of owning a home. It strengthens your profile in showing the lenders and real estate agents that you are serious in owning a home.
No. We do not pull credit. We ask you to input your last known credit score for a generalization. You may use the links on our website to run your own credit independently, or you may wait until you apply for a loan and give your authorization directly to the lender.
No. Even if you are not planning to purchase a home soon, it’s a good idea to know where you stand in qualifying for the future. If you don’t pass the QBI scoring process now, you will be able to get a clear understanding on what you need to do to get in position to qualify down the road.
Yes. We want you to succeed and our expert network also wants you to succeed. We will align you with the right person to help you to achieve your goals.
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